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Annual Partnership with Bike & Build

In August 2020, Reify Solutions began a partnership with Philadelphia nonprofit Bike & Build. Founded in 2003, Bike & Build engages in service-oriented cycling across the United States as a means of raising awareness and funds for the affordable housing cause. In the time since its inception, the organization has brought together thousands of people for a worthy cause and donated over $6.6 million.

At Reify Solutions, we pride ourselves on ensuring that partner organizations do not uproot their core missions in search of structural improvements; instead, we aim to assess an organization’s programming via its mission and ensure equitable pathways from there. Meeting with Bike & Build on a monthly basis, Reify offers the nonprofit all services from our “DE&I” solutions suite that include executive coaching, program assessment, strategic action planning, group workshops, stakeholder surveys, and more. These resources being offered help the Bike & Build team to understand challenges and determine how to implement solutions to these issues. Additionally, Reify is part of the future progression of Bike & Build – recently, a strengthened action plan was created by our team to help map and ensure the nonprofit’s growth over the next five years.

Taylor Cobb, Managing Partner at Reify Solutions, is proud of Bike & Build’s work as an organization and their progress made towards creating more accessible housing. She says, “The organization has made great strides in recent years that will make humanity better. We are proud to work with people who hold an equally similar mission and purpose – we are all moving in the same direction of what we want the world to look like”. With the ongoing partnership between Reify Solutions and Bike & Build, people are coming together to bring about positive change in the world by ending inequalities and poverty. We are excited to see what the future of this partnership brings!

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